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A presentation of "Magic FLORIAN" - B10-3113328

"Florian", a late youngster, born some where in the beginning of March 2010, was chipped at the beginning of September to participate for his first official race, 'Guêret' National (4-9-2010)

There, immidiatly he showed his supertalent by obtaining the 3th price from 188 pigeons at the regional race and the 283th price against 13.885 youngsters in the National race.

In his racing-career he participated in 20 races and obtained the following exeptional results :

-15 times in the first 13

-12 times in the firts 10

-10 times in the first 5

from wich 4 regional victories and 2 times Provincial and once Interprovincial winner, to end his exeptional career on July 22th 2012, with a 3th place Provincial and a 4th place from 7756 pigeons at the National Souillac race (727km)

Knowing that in his short period he flew a hel of a price-list, rarely seen in pigeon sport, and for sure one of the most exeptional pigeons in the 110 years of Norman Racing. Nicolas and Filip, together with Gilbert, decided to put him on the breeding loft.

They feel and are confident that by making this havy decission, the future is reassured. Knowing that "Florian" has a father not less than a "Son National II" from Jos Thoné (As) x Daughter 1st Nationale Narbonne and the mother is a daughter from their legendary "Zorro" x Kristine, hereself being a sister of "Abraham" (father One Million Dollar Race winner 2008 South Africa!)

Maybe a succesor of the legendary "Zoro" has been found....

All signs are allready more than convincing...

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21 breeders gevonden