Mike Ganus - USA

Topbreeder Wolverine - direct son to Abraham (father One Million Dollar Race 2008) & Grandson to Zorro

Wolverine BE09-3181936 ontpopte zich tot één der sterkwekers bij Mike Ganus (USA) en ligt aan de basis van winnaars en topprestaties in tal van one-loft-races wereldwijd. Wolverine is zelf halfbroer van de winnaar Million Dollar Race 2008 te Sun City in Z-Afrika, als zoon van Abraham 113/05 (zelf zoon van Zorro).

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Norbert & Stefan Ally

Naturally Norbert bought his first pigeons in 1983 and 1984 at Gaby Vandenabeele and Gilbert Van Parijs, whose pigeons play quite in big role in the Vandenabeele family. Later Gilbert became loft manager at the Norman family and from that colony also top value pigeons came. Bringing in these pigeon strains Norbert Ally directly had the very best for middle and long distance racing on his loft. Where Vandenabeele is the number 1 base at Ally, the Norman birds are most certainly second and third is Robert Willequit – whose pigeons also excelled at Vandenabeele. N

One of the absolute stars of that young bird team was BE92-3099109 ‘Blauwe Bliksem’, famous for his sprint towards the loft and winner of 4x 1st prize including 10th Nat. Brive. He was bred from a cross Norman x Vandenabeele.

‘Ronaldo’ carried a/o the genes of the famous long distance colony of Deseyn-Vandemeulebroucke. They were really amazing on long distance in the eighties winning in 1987 1st national Limoges and 1st national Narbonne. Bloodlines of Deseyn-Vandemeulebroucke were also successfull a/o at Gaby Vandenabeele and Rudi De Saer. Ronaldo was raced in the Ally loft and showed already as a youngster his racing talent on the national races. As a widower he confirmed winning top prizes on longer middle distance and long distance races. The ‘Daughter Zorro’ was a direct Norman pigeon from his famous stockbreeder ‘Zorro’ x ‘Aske’. Their best children are a/o - BE03-3050711 ‘Zora’, Breeder 1st prov. Narbonne and 2nd prov. Souillac - BE03-3050958 ‘Witpen Roland’, 2nd I.prov. acebird middle & long dist. - BE07-3034489 ‘Blauwke 489’, Breeder of ‘Aaron’ the 4x 1st winner & 7. Nat. ace KBDB - BE07-3034354 ‘Luna’, Super breeding hen at Gaby Vandenabeele.

Jos en Jan Loobuyck  

1.Nat Jarnac 5.134 d. ’17 bij Jos en Jan Loobuyck is een kleinzoon van Norma (rechtstreeks Norman en kleindochter van Zorro)


Olympiadeduif 2015

PL0408-14-3049: Olympiadeduif Allround Jonge Budapest 2015 (kleindochter Florian)


Team Freddy De Jaegher 

1. Nat Brive 9.123 d. ’17 met Mariano bij Team Freddy De Jaeger… een klepper met heel wat Normanbloed in de aderen.. De vader is een kleinzoon van Zus Wonder Zhora (Norman), terwijl de moeder een kleindochter is van Crayonnee Zorro (zoon Zorro).

Team Freddy De Jaegher

Marc De Cock

1st National Ace pigeon Allround KBDB 2018 - raced by Marc De Cock - daughter Gazpacho (100% Norman)

Marc De Cock    Marc De Cock pedigree



Etienne Devos - Deerlijk 

KLEINE DIDI B92-3000607 is the pigeon who made 🇧🇪 Etienne DEVOS 🇧🇪 from Deerlijk in Belgium world famous!
“KLEINE DIDI” won 1st National Ace Long-Distance KBDB 1997 , and 1st Provincial Ace KBDB WVL 1995.

In 2008 the ‘Kleine Didi’ was sold for a fortune to 🇩🇪Heinz Seegmuller 🇩🇪 from Grossteinhausen in Germany.
Etienne Devos said " I would never do that again , he had sworn himself the never to sell his top pigeons again ". On the other hand, this high level transfer gave him a lot of attention from the media.
He kept a few children out of the ‘Kleine Didi’ for himself. And later he also bought back a couple from Seegmuller.
Of these children the " Didi Junior " B95-3336619, this cock became another superior breeder in Deerlijk.

This blue cock " Kleine Didi " B92-3000607 won :
🔸In Dax 1997 :
1st National against 3,276 birds.
11th International against 7194 birds.

🔸In Perpignan 1997 :
2nd National against 4,694 birds.
3rd International against 12,367 birds.

🔸In Pau 1997 :
55th National against 2084 birds.
147th International against 6689 birds.

🔸In Brive 1997 :
47th National against 20611 birds.

🔸In Perpignan 1996 :
23rd National against 4889 birds.
39th International against 12551 birds.

🔸In Dax 1996 :
325th National against 6049 birds.
416th International against 6491 birds.

🔸In Pau 1996 :
46th National against 1876 birds.
157th International against 6494 birds.

🔸In Perpignan 1995 :
72nd National against 5252 birds.
157th International against 14252 birds.

🔸In Pau 1995 :
24th National against 1928 birds.
57th International against 6783 birds.

Without doubt one of the greatest performances of all times in long distance races!!
The "Kleine Didi" B92-3000607 is a son of the blue cock "Joung Didi " B89-3089113 with the blue hen " Pipo duivin " B89-3089150.
In the winter of 1988, Etienne bought a few young birds from his friend Van den Broucke. But truthfully, Etienne Devos wasn’t really convinced of their quality, and the youngsters were put in with the rest in the aviaries of his lofts in Deerlijk, and nothing much happened with them.
In 1991, the youngsters had grown into reasonable pigeons, and Devos put two of them together. the " Jonge Didi " a grandson of the " Didi " B85-3085841 who was a 1st National Ace long distance, and the " Pipo Duivin " a pure Norman hen , granddaughter of the " Pipo " of Norbert Norman.
And the miracle happened. A son of that couple, the " Didi Junior 1 " B91-3300507-91, flew repeatedly in the spotlight with several prizes firmly in the lead nationally, and with this became 9th Provincial Ace.

This " Didi Junior 1 " B91-3300507 , brother of the " Kleine Didi " won :

9th National Pau against 2,212 birds.

31st National Pau against 3,144 birds.

52nd National Pau against 1,928 birds

24th National Dax against 2,705 birds.

72nd National Perpignan against 4,889 birds.

Later, he was sold to Gaby Vandenabeele.

Etienne Devos built up a champion’s colony in particular based on the very best breeds of the : Stichelbaut, Vanhee, Bostyn, Cattrysse and Vereecke. But perhaps based even more on the best middle-distance pigeons of that time from champions like: Theo Gilbert, Jozef Verheye and Desmet-Matthys.

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