Norman has been one of the great names in the world of pigeon-racing for nearly 110 years. Everything started when Filip's grandfather started to race with pigeons in 1902. His son Norbert took over in 1945, at the age of 25. He obtained his first national victory in 1963, at the race of Perigueux. An impressive series of 12 national victories and two first international prices followed.

In 1984, Filip Norman joined his father. Gilbert Van Parijs became part of the team, as loft manager. The 'sky' truly became the limit. Their impressive racing results were combined with wins in nearly every championship in Belgium that had enough 'prestige' to win. In 2010, Filip's only son Nicolas joined his father and Gilbert at the pigeon loft, thereby realizing the old dream of Norbert: that his grandson would be the fourth generation of Norman pigeon fanciers.

In 2016, Gilbert left the loft, Matthias De Wilde joined the Norman-family. 

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